LivWell Works

Is LivWell Works For Your Company?

$34 billion a year is lost in employee productivity due to eldercare responsibilities.

More employees develop health problems from the stress of eldercare than from childcare.

More than 25% of American families are involved in elder/parent care.

How many of these are YOUR employees?

What Is LivWell Works?

LivWell Works is a one-hour lunch and learn session coordinated by any company with employees that may be struggling to balance the responsibilities of work and being a caregiver to an aging parent or loved one. At the same time, it also provides valuable pre-planning information for those who are not yet in this situation, but could find themselves there at any time.

Why LivWell Works?

The purpose of LivWell Works is two-fold. First, its purpose is to provide employers with a program that can help their staff be more productive, engaged, and less stressed. Second, its purpose is to educate employees about the options and tools available to pre-empt a crisis that may result in extensive absences from work, lost wages, and stress.

This pilot program is free to employers and lasts approximately one hour. The first 30 minutes will cover topics such as,

  • How to know if a senior loved one is at risk
  • Financial considerations and resources
  • Medicare versus Medicaid

The second half of the session will be an open Q&A with the goal of ensuring that every audience member walks away with a set of tools and full understanding of what can be done to prevent potentially stressful situation at home and at work.

Benefits of LivWell Works

For Caregiving Employees

  • Less time off work
  • More productivity
  • Less stress

For Employers

  • More focused employee
  • Highly engaged employee
  • Increased employee productivity

How to Schedule a LivWell Works Lunch & Learn

It’s simple. To schedule your first session, contact LivWell Seniors' Owner and Senior Resource Specialist, Rhonda Halterman, at (563) 265-1553.